Get Out There

by Accept The Change

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Note To Self 03:37
note to self And they will always say that it was such a shame but I’ve been trying to remember if I might have intended nail to myself down on a pedestal in front of a stage. Tightrope walker who masters his art. Though with all eyes on me can’t you see the irony? “Yeah, I do like being loved but these days all I really want is to just get off”. What good is hoping for happiness to just happen? When it leaves you with nothing but the lust for life. Horny for the sweet taste of selfless satisfaction. It’s got me wondering. Maybe are growing apart or maybe we are we just growing up? It’s got me longing. Maybe we should we take a leap of faith with the safety line tied ‘round our necks? So let the past be the past ‘cause past ain’t never coming back. Well, while you keep trying your lover has got a new lover. I guess “forever you and me” didn’t last the years. Well, while you keep saying that your best friends will never change. That’s when they said they their have own lives and their own bills to pay. What good have our childhood years ever been if we’re talking out loud but keep our feet tied? Call it what you want but nothing in our arms is still nothing at heart. Sometimes letting go is just a synonym for holding on. I’ve already said too much and here’s my cue “I’ll miss us but I won’t miss you”. I’ve already said too much. I’m spitting all my teeth out. I’m swallowing my tongue in. We’re such nostalgic fools but I say there is no end but new beginnings.
Who stated that the youth of today will be the bearings of the future? ‘Cause I haven’t met many that haven’t become bitter strays and middle class bigots. What else would you expect when we’re taught that ignorance is bliss? What’s wrong with sacfricing few for the sake of us? We live in a state of fear ‘cause to be unloved is to be skinned alive and even with the best intent whoever told you how to live was only telling lies. “We think that we’re above everything else but we only avoid what we don’t know. We want everything in return for nothing and we’ll pull others down so we wouldn’t have to bother getting up. But in all our ignorance there’s one thing we can’t deny. All life is born, does its time and then dies. Our civilisation is a fucking joke. I’ll be laughing at your terrible sense of sarcasm”. No one loves you and none will ever care so get undressed and lay yourself to rest. Your sexual desires are sick so honey wipe your lips and baby bend your dick. Shut your mouth ‘cause I am right and you are wrong so sow the seams of your tongue and stab out your eyes. Hide inside ‘cause the earth is flat and jacking off will make you blind. Every generation is still fucked and that’s the only guarantee you’ll get from me. As if being right or wrong matters anything at all but you want the world to tell you “no, it’s not your fault”. Your dying bed will be filled with regret of what you’ve let yourself miss. And to think all you ever wanted was our approval signed with a long loving kiss. I haven’t got the talent to die at twentyseven. I haven’t got true love and soft skin for affection But why should I care? I haven’t got the guts to burn my parents house. I haven’t got the cash to bribe my way out. But why should I care? Amid all my confusion I went searching for a reason. A simple equiation with a valid solution but I found nothing but backdoors and more delusion. Maybe I’m digging too deep and trying too hard but it’s in my nature to disregard exclusion so now without further intrusion bang the drums ‘cause here’s my only conclusion. The meaning of life is there that is no meaning.


All songs written and performed by Accept The Change.
All words written by Tom Bosschaerts.

Recorded and mixed by Filip De Bot at Penthouse Studio.
Mastered by Matthew Lane.

Artwork by Jasper Dufraing, photos by Accept The Change, Layla Van Den Bergh, Bert Hofmans, Niels ‘Nous’ Davidse, Yannick Swyns and Brenda Boutsen. Cover photo taken from ‘The Truman Show’.

Thank you.

Accept The Change was Tom Bosschaerts, Jasper Dufraing, Jente Otten, Ruben Vervoort and Christophe Van Eyck.

2008 - 2012


released January 9, 2012

Accept The Change


all rights reserved



Accept The Change Belgium

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